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Dr Ngatchu is a board-certified gastroenterologist who loves his job and values the relationship he shares with each and everyone of his patients.

We are experts in gastroenterology, hepatology and therapeutic endoscopy 


Services offered

We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care in a comfortable and professional environment. Patient privacy is very important to us and we make effort to personalise your environment.

Early intervention is vital

Whether you think your concerns are minor or major, we encourage you to reach out to us. We will listen and help you make informed decisions.

Diagnostic & therapeutic care

Dr Ngatchu brings a lot of skill and experience and we offer a complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

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Online Appointments

We always make time for patients. We take time and listen to patients who are worried about their health. We are ready to help you answer does questions and bring your mind at peace. Chat with us anytime.

Why Ngatchu Consulting? - We put you at the centre of care!

Providing one of the best medical experiences is our passion. We believe that from enquiry to treatment, our staff should put your needs at the heart of what they do.

Mission and Values

"Doctor you saved my life"... is a statement we hear often and it is the driving force behind our work. Every staff, healthcare or otherwise, make it an important duty to keep our values.

Commitment to Community

Access to healthcare is not necessarily a personal affair. Family and friends are sometimes an important link to satisfactory healthcare. We welcome these too.

Easy Online Appoinments

In this era of social distancing and uncertain public health security, we have taken action to be able to consult and listen to our patients using various tools.

Measuring Clinic Services & Getting your feedback

In order to put you at the centre of care, we need to be able to listen to your concerns and feedback. We WILL ensure to address any shortfalls. You just need to email unhappy@ngatchuconsulting.com and we shall reach out.

Our Health Programs

Do you suffer from complex intestinal or gastroenterological issues? We organised personalised health care programs to ensure that you are looked after and your specific conditions are fully considered in the institution of health care services every time.

Top-notch Medical Facilities

The facilities we use are certified and we undertake rigorous assessments twice a year to ensure that when you entrust us with your care, we can priorities your care with top facilities that are readily available without any delay in care provision.

Making leading healthcare facilities are at your disposal from diagnostics to recovering

We have access to very modern and sophisticated medical facilities to ensure the best of care.

Experienced Surgeon

Dr Ngatchu has over 15 years of experience as a surgeon. Dr Ngatchu is an expert consultant in Gastric Balloon therapy and other weight loss programmes requiring delicate surgery and therapeutic interventions.

Board Certified and International Recognition

Dr Ngatchu has accreditation from institutions in the EU and UK& Ireland. He is a board certified surgeon and has practised medicine in 4 continents. Dr Ngatchu is one of few surgeons to be licensed with Gastric Balloon procedure.

International Partner Network

From our medical equipment to our after care services we use an extensive and experience partner network to make sure you get the best of services. The care we offer starts with the first discussion but never ends until full recovery.

What Our Patients Say About Us

For me, my balloon had become my best friend. When I felt hungry (or thought I was feeling hungry!) I just told myself that it couldn’t be hungry as my balloon filled most of my stomach and so therefore it was in my mind – so, get over it !!!

26 weeks later I had my balloon removed....and I have lost nearly 8 stones

Yvonne May


What Our Patients Say About Us

I was very happy that Dr Ngatchu could consult me and arrange for a colonscopy within 48 hours. My husband died of bowel cancer and for peace of mind I was eager to get all test done when I felt unwell.

Jane Emmons


What Our Patients Say About Us

After an exciting gap year across South Asia and Australia, I suffered from severe hepatitis unknowingly. After being referred to Dr Ngatchu, it was a relief that diagnostic tests at Ngatchu Consulting were able to quickly identify this rare case of hepatitis and I was able to get the necessary care I needed.

Sammi Hendisson



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