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More than 15 years of specialists skills in internal medicine across 4 continents, now here to help you get better.

Helping You Get Better Since 2004

More than 15 years of specialists skills in internal medicine across 4 continents, now here to help you get better.

Ngatchu Consulting is a Healthcare Consultancy Practice incorporated in England. It carries out healthcare consultancy worldwide. Our aim is to deliver quality healthcare.Ngatchu Consulting is currently involved in the delivery of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Medicine, Diagnostic and Interventional Endoscopy, Bariatric Endoscopy as well as Healthcare device consultancy in the areas of clinical expertise.

Dr. Ngatchu is a UK board-certified gastroenterologist who loves his work. Patient health outcomes are an important part of Dr Ngatchu's work and he values all patient relationships. As a expert, Dr Ngatchu understands the importance to connect with, and treat, the patient and not simply the illness. Together with his team, Dr Ngatchu is committed to providing the highest quality medical care in a comfortable and professional environment at his practice.

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Dr Theodore Ngatchu


Janet Simmons


What Our Patients Say About Us

For me, my balloon had become my best friend. When I felt hungry (or thought I was feeling hungry!) I just told myself that it couldn’t be hungry as my balloon filled most of my stomach and so therefore it was in my mind – so, get over it !!!

26 weeks later I had my balloon removed....and I have lost nearly 8 stones

Yvonne May


What Our Patients Say About Us

I was very happy that Dr Ngatchu could consult me and arrange for a colonscopy within 48 hours. My husband died of bowel cancer and for peace of mind I was eager to get all test done when I felt unwell.

Jane Emmons


What Our Patients Say About Us

After an exciting gap year across South Asia and Australia, I suffered from severe hepatitis unknowingly. After being referred to Dr Ngatchu, it was a relief that diagnostic tests at Ngatchu Consulting were able to quickly identify this rare case of hepatitis and I was able to get the necessary care I needed.

Sammi Hendisson